Who we are

We’re game changers, thought leaders and status-quo challengers. We are unafraid to have courageous conversations that tackle tough issues. We’re passionate about creating workplaces which allow all to thrive. It’s better for employees. It’s better for leaders. And it is much, much better for business.

We bring a focused commercial flair to all our projects – with deep experience across strategy, finance, engagement, brand, leadership & culture. Our experience, personal journeys, and ongoing research, has informed and led us to our portfolios of consulting work.

Kate Boorer

Founder & CEO of Young Professional Women Australia, Kate is one of Australia’s leading experts on career, confidence and personal brand. Kate’s results with her clients, passion for driving change ‘one step at a time’ combined with the collective voice of her tribe (YPWA), make Kate a powerful thought leader and advocate for gender equality in corporate Australia. Core Confidence is the result of years of research and insights, working with courageous women willing to challenge the status quo. A game changer for women, men and organizations in Australia.

Fiona Pearman

Fiona’s work as a researcher, consultant and advocate for creating workplaces that work for men and women, is fueled by her extensive experience as a facilitator and coach for executive teams; seeing first hand the business upside when organisations support equality, flexibility and career progression for both men and women.

Fiona is passionate about sharing the research and processes she has developed with Kate, that enable individuals to reconnect with their Core Confidence.