What’s really going on with progression and advancement of both genders in your organisation? Our Internal Labour Market Analysis facilitates a deep dive into the points within the pipeline where there is inconsistent progression or leaks that are leading to a lack of gender equity at senior levels. Measurement provides a point to start the conversation regarding what may need to change to create balance all the way through.

What will you learn from this process?

  • Clear data about the number of men and women at each level of leadership.
  • How many women / men are being promoted through the organisation (ie grow vs buy).
  • How many women / men are being recruited in at each level (as compared to those promoted). How many women / men are leaving the organisation at each level (as compared to those promoted).
  • A solid business case to drive further initiatives for gender equality across your organisation.

Culture Audit

Are you interested in increasing employee engagement and creating an inclusive culture capable of meeting the Future of Work?

Our cultural audit gets beneath the surface and reveals under-used strengths, risks and culture or leadership issues that may be holding your organisation back. Culture is in large part a direct reflection of the interpersonal dynamics in the leadership of the organisation. This “leadership culture” is the result of leader mindset – the more expanded the leaders capacity and capability, the stronger the business outcomes.

Using a combination of existing data (such as engagement scores), an online diagnostic tool and our systemic focus groups we gather and synthesise intelligence from your organisation, map this to current trends, and provide rich insights that lead to robust discussions.

We then facilitate a dynamic action planning session with your executive team to tap into the organisation’s potential and mitigate risk. The outcome is a clear road map across the areas of:

  • Culture – you will understand your current capability and capacity to meet internal and external challenges.
  • Leadership Culture – your current and desired leadership culture – where are you now and where would you like to be?
  • Leadership – your leaders will understand their personal and collective strengths, gaps and their role in driving the culture of the organisation.
  • Future of Work – ensuring your business is future ready and future-proofed, given the rapid changes in technology, including automation, AI and machine learning.
  • Inclusivity – tactics to ensure a safe workplace, including meaningful ways to prevent bullying, harassment and sexism.

You will have identified the areas of greatest potential so you can prioritise and focus efforts for maximum impact and organisational benefit.

Focus Groups

Accessing Systemic Intelligence

Your people have the day-to-day experience of what is really happening in your organisation, and know the systemic, structural and cultural issues men and women face as they seek to progress their careers within your business. Our process includes voices from both genders and every level of the organisation to provide breadth and depth of insight. We are senior facilitators who are adept at bringing to the surface unseen, unknown and unheard elements that are creating the employee experience, uncovering valuable systemic insights. These lead to powerful discussions and conversations that harness ideas and answers that exist within the business, yet are rarely heard.

These insights, and the business intelligence surfaced, are then presented back in a frank discussion format with the senior leaders of the organisation.

What will you learn from this process?

  • The subtle, nuanced and rarely spoken stories, insights and issues that are potentially inhibiting a constructive culture.
  • The opportunity for different parts of the organisation who would not normally connect and share opinions to connect and share their successes and challenges.
  • What’s really going on at the grass roots, unfiltered, raw and real (we are often told that what is presented to senior leaders is the ‘sanitised version’) – we deliberately seek out unseen and unknown elements.

Systemic Strategic Review

Many organisations are committed to creating workplaces that include the strengths and representation of both genders at all levels. Sometimes, unconscious bias, legacy policies, specific frameworks and systems are inhibiting the equitable progression of both genders.

We examine the impact and effect of your policies and systems and often combine this with facilitated focus groups that together reveal a rich picture of the whole ecosystem and the issues that may be getting in the way of achieving gender inclusive goals. This systemic business intelligence is a powerful first step in understanding gender equality or inequality in your organisation.

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