Acts of Confidence™️ Policy

5-year Retention Plan

The Acts of Confidence program adheres to a 5-year retention requirement, ensuring comprehensive documentation storage and management. We maintain the following documents:

  • Records of participants including engagement in the program.
  • Specifics of program offerings including dates of participation and completion of modules.
  • Detailed information about authors/instructors, developers, and reviewers including names and credentials.
  • Documentation of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits earned by participants.
  • Program evaluation results.
  • Program-related descriptive materials such as course announcement information.

To ensure security and accessibility, these documents are securely stored in a digital format using a cloud-based storage system. The system offers robust security features including double factor authentification and access controls to protect data integrity. Paper-based documents are scanned and uploaded to this system. Regular backups are conducted to prevent data loss.

These steps are integral to our commitment to delivering credible, high-standard educational experience, as well as facilitating continuous improvement through effective program evaluation.


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the retention of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) records for a period of at least 5 years. The policy aims to ensure that accurate and complete records of CPE programs are maintained to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies and to demonstrate compliance with professional standards.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and agents of the organisation who are responsible for administering or participating in CPE programs.

Retention Requirements

The organisation maintains records of participation, including dates and locations of program offerings, author/instructor, author/developer and reviewer names and credentials, number of CPE credits earned by participants, results of program evaluations, and program descriptive materials (course announcement information). The organisation retains these records for a minimum of 5 years from the date of completion of the CPE program.


The organisation maintains CPE records in a secure and confidential manner. Access to these records are limited to authorised personnel who have a legitimate need to know. The organisation ensures that the records are accurate, complete, and reliable.

Policy review

This policy is reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure compliance with changes to regulatory requirements or professional standards.


By implementing this policy, the organisation aims to maintain accurate and complete records of CPE programs to demonstrate compliance with professional standards and regulatory requirements. The retention of these records for a minimum of 5 years will provide assurance that the organisation has met its obligations with respect to CPE requirements.

Refund Policy

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for any participant who joins the program and decides within the first 4 weeks that the program is not suited to their requirements or needs. We specifically monitor engagement across a number of areas during those first 4 weeks and if there is a lower than average engagement level, we reach out directly by phone, Zoom or email to discuss the program fit, expectations and path forward. If the participant decides to withdraw from the program, the fees are returned in full.

Cancellation Policy

Core Confidence reserves the right to cancel the program due to unforeseen circumstances. In such a case, participants will be notified as soon as possible via email and/or phone number and will receive a full refund of their program fees. 

The Acts of Confidence™️ program has a 100% money-back guarantee for participants that fully participate in the program, this includes: attending live Q&A sessions, watching all video resources, completing provided worksheets. 

To discuss a cancellation please contact us at

Complaint Resolution Policy

At Core Confidence we are committed to providing a high quality experience for all participants. 

Participants who wish to file a complaint regarding any aspect of our Acts of Confidence™️ program can contact us at

Upon receiving a complaint, we commit to responding within three business days. The program coordinator will investigate the complaint, this process may include contacting the complainant for additional information. 

We aim to resolve all complaints in 10 business days, we will inform the complainant of the resolution and any changes made as a result of the complaint.

Contact Details

Full name of legal entity: Quantum Impact Group Pty Ltd
Email address:
Postal address: PO Box 7063 McMahons Points NSW 2060, Australia