The Acts Of Confidence Promise

We are thrilled to welcome you as an Acts of Confidence participant.

You are about to embark on a truly transformational journey to connect with your authentic power and Core Confidence.

Connecting with your confidence is a life-changing experience. Each and every group we guide through the program echos the same statements – I wish I’d learnt this sooner, and every woman should do this.

There are so many ways that integrating what you are about to learn will positively impact your life; that it’s hard even to imagine. We’re so excited for you.

When you start to reconnect with your Core Confidence, you will understand what’s been in the way of you having the career and life you’ve always wanted. You will start releasing the limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that’s held you back and you’ll feel as though a weight is being lifted from you.

This is your time to maximise your potential and overcome the old fears and beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you small.

This is a heroine’s journey that you are embarking on, and you may very well look back on this as a critical turning point in your career and life. Many participants talk about this program being life changing.

Nevertheless, significant gains like this do not come without your attention, intention and, most importantly, action.

As this is a transformational container, there are certain agreements that we request that you read and commit to so that everyone can have the best experience possible.

Please read and sign these below.

If there is anything you are unsure of, please ask our team, and we will be happy to clarify.


  • We will work with you to create a clear plan for your goal(s) and the steps to take so you achieve your big Act of Confidence.
  • We will share our experience and expertise so that you can fast track your learning and transformation in a safe and supportive environment.
  • We will connect you with your tribe; a high-performance, high-support community.
  • We will apologise if we ever let you down and do our best to make it right.
  • We will hold you to a higher standard than you hold yourself and keep you accountable to your best results. We won’t let you off because if we let you off, we let you down. 😊


  • You will arrive at the group calls and buddy sessions on time, ready and open to learning.
  • You will be quick to implement, quick to ask for help when you need it, and quick to share your wins and lessons.
  • You will let us know if you have a question, are unsure of anything or need a private word.
  • You will be kind to yourself along the way and lean into vulnerability. We will do our utmost to create a safe space for you to do so.
  • Often, in a program like this, there are different kinds of people drawn into a room together. Occasionally that difference might feel challenging in some way. We invite you to be curious and compassionate with yourself and other people in the group.

Legal Coaching Agreement

This agreement is made between Quantum Impact Group Pty Ltd and Client, yourself, as named and signed below.

Program Access

Live sessions will be conducted weekly on the dates listed. All sessions will be recorded to watch a replay if required. It is suggested for at least 80% attendance at the live sessions to gain the program’s full impact.

You have access to the learning portal for the duration of the program. Upon completing the program, you will retain access to the online training materials for your personal, educational use only and support for at least two years.

Terms and Disclaimer

This agreement will begin upon acceptance and remittance of payment and will continue for a maximum of 24 months unless otherwise stated. We are not psychologists or a medical professional and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.


All information disclosed by any participant during the course of the program or buddy sessions is to be held in sacred confidentiality. Please note that there are two exceptions to the above confidentiality agreement:
1. When disclosure is required to prevent clear & imminent danger to yourself and others.
2. When legal requirements demand that confidential material be revealed.

Recording Rights, Privacy and Copyright

This Acts of Confidence program is for individual use and does not grant you the right to teach the material to others. If you want to share this material to instruct others, please reach out to your facilitator to discuss.

Please be mindful and aware that the online sessions will be recorded and kept on file in the AOC portal. By attending these sessions, you release all rights to the co-created recording with your participation in the event via chat or video. You will always be notified when the recording starts and stops. These recordings remain the Intellectual Property of Quantum Impact Group Pty Ltd. 

Responsibility for results.

Participants enter into the program knowing that they are 100% responsible for creating the desired learning and life results. We assume that you can communicate with us if you need extra support, if anything is personally challenging, or you need to exit the program for any reason. We will do everything we can to support you, and you are responsible for your results.


We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you find that the program is not for you or if you complete all aspects of the program and you believe the program has not delivered the outcomes. Please contact Kate Boorer directly if you would like to discuss this option.


I understand that I am working with Kate Boorer, Fiona Pearman and the Core Confidence of Quantum Impact Pty Limited.

I understand that this is not a form of certified training. I will not share this material with others. All materials remain the copyright of Core Confidence Pty Limited.

Welcome to the Acts of Confidence Program. We look forward to embarking on this journey together!

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