Creating inclusive workplaces for the future

Who We Are

We’re game changers, thought leaders and status-quo challengers. We are unafraid to have courageous conversations that tackle tough issues. We’re passionate about creating workplaces which allow all to thrive. It’s better for employees. It’s better for leaders. And it is much, much better for business.

We bring a focused commercial flair to all our projects – with deep experience across strategy, finance, engagement, brand, leadership & culture. Our experience, personal journeys, and ongoing research, has informed and led us to our portfolios of consulting work.

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Are you capitalising on the commercial possibilities of a thriving workforce?

Imagine a future where you have the skills, capability and experience to make your business strategy a reality, delivering the bottom line results you’re committed to. Pearman & Partners are senior consultants who take a systemic lens and evidence-based approach to developing your business, knowing that the original issue may not be what is holding you back.

We’ll partner with you to create an environment where all the people in your organisation thrive, creating a workplace that is future-ready, profitable and poised to capitalise on the limitless opportunities that await when all your strengths and capabilities are aligned.

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What we do?

We work with your organisation to understand how the trends and changes in the workplace will impact your business. We work with you to uncover the system dynamics that are supporting or impeding the talent in your organisation reaching their potential and contributing in full to your goals. By listening to all levels within your workplace we hear the stories and themes that contain the opportunities and threats to creating a truly inclusive workforce.


What’s really going on with progression and advancement of both genders in your organisation? Our Internal Labour Market Analysis enables a deep dive into the points within the pipeline where there is inconsistent progression or leaks that are leading to a lack of gender equity at senior levels.

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Independently facilitated forums, which engage your senior leaders in the deeper conversation regarding the impact and benefits of creating gender equality.

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Working individually with senior executives, our systemic coaching approach enables people to leverage their strengths and to recognise patterns and behaviours that have been getting in their way and inhibiting their ability to reach their potential.

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Acts of Confidence

7 steps to unleash your personal power so you can own your value, speak your truth and lead with authenticity and confidence.

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Women in Leadership Development Series

Looking to inspire women across your organisation to grow and develop their career?…

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What We Do?

Partnering with clients, we use a systemic approach to tap into the intelligence that already exists in the system and harness this to enable the organisation to build on its strengths and positive examples, shifting the focus to what is possible and using this platform to leverage change more broadly across the organisation.

We provide a safe and supportive environment to have tough conversations and to uncover the things that are unsaid and unseen.